Rapid Riser

The Rapid Riser is an extension of the Deck Box. Where possible large boxes are manufactured with the GRP in place, and delivered to site for immediate use. Deck Joint has partnered agreements with the leading suppliers of GRP grating, to provide a one stop design and supply product.

tick-16x16 Made to order.

All Deck Boxes and Modular Risers are made to order, accounting for various slab depths and shapes of openings.


tick-16x16 Off-site Manufacturer.

All Deck Boxes with GRP are assembled by Deck Joint and delivered directly to site meaning your order is ready to install, straight from the pallet.

Delivered to site ready to use.


tick-16x16 Easy to fit.

Simply place the Riser solution in the area required and nail to the soffit using the cut-out slots in the Deck Boxes bottom flanges.


tick-16x16 No breaking out.

Deck Joints Riser solutions are sacrificial formwork which stays in the slab, saving clients time, labour and waste disposal costs from a site.

Saves waste disposal, admin and labour time.


A safer leave-in-place alternative to post pour fixing


The Deck Box GRP and Modular Riser are made to your specified dimensions, depth of slab and shape, it is designed to stay in the slab, so does not require breaking out, saving you time on site.


Deck Joint provides a schedule of all of the boxes required, coordinates the cutting and supply of the GRP, manufactures the frames, assembles the final product and finally delivers to site.



Deck Box: 1.0mm perforated galvanised mild steel

Cut and assembled in the factory then sent out complete and ready to
fit to the soffit.

The box is rebated 50mm into the slab which provides the support for
the GRP grating.


Modular Riser: 2.0mm perforated galvanised mild steel

Cut in lengths of 2000mm and delivered to site ready to be trimmed to the size where required

The box is rebated 50mm into the slab which provides the support for the GRP grating-Optional Flush Frame is available (often used with a bottom flange bent to the inside where a wall kicker is being used)

Where there are abutments to a pre-existing wall, the rebate is replaced with Deck Joint 40 x 50 GRP Support Angle- Complete with 11 x 75 slots ready to fit onto the wall using the M10 x 60 Anker bolts provided.