GRP support solutions

There are situations with the positioning of the riser where it will need to be fixed to an existing structure such as a lift shaft or core wall. Deck Joint have developed a number of support solutions which can be used both above and below the GRP grating.

There are three main ways the Riser frame supports the GRP grating:


1. Going up against a wall, in a position where a wall is to be poured,
the frame is kept flat and the flanges top and bottom are bent to the
inside of the riser.


2. Risers are often situated around an existing wall, which has been
formed before the floors are poured. In this situation, we provide wall
fixings in the form of a C-Channel or a simple 40 x 50 x 2.5mm steel
angle. Both are bolted to the wall using a standard concrete bolt. Our
recommendation is an M10 x 60 each end and at 500mm.

GRP Support Solution 2 - 40x50x2.5mm slotted angle with concrete bolt

3. Rebated into the slab. When the riser is the main body of the floor,
the frame is designed to provide the recommended 50mm rebate on
all sides, to support the GRP panel. This alters in line with the depth of
the GRP and the slab in which it is situated. These are usually
supplied assembled and are simply nailed to the soffit, providing a
very quick, simple and safe solution to riser openings.



Riser Frame: 1.0mm perforated galvanised mild steel


tick-16x16 Made to measure

tick-16x16 Supplied assembled

tick-16x16 Quick to fit

tick-16x16 Leave in place

tick-16x16 Competitively priced

tick-16x16 Saves time on site

tick-16x16 Competitively priced

Technical information:


Riser frames are manufactured from 1.0mm perforated galvanised mild steel of European Standard EN10142 : 2000

We are partners with a number of GRP suppliers and all technical information is available on request.

The frame material is fire tested to BS EN 1366-3:2009 ANNEX E2 – over 2 hours of insulation protection.