Deck Joint

Deck Joint is used in steel framed buildings that have a corrugated steel sheet, called Metal Deck, to form the base on which the concrete floor is poured. This method of construction is most commonly used for commercial office buildings and schools.

tick-16x16 Made to order.

Deck Joint Rail is manufactured to the depth of slab and the Deck Joint Trough inserts are manufactured to suit the profile of the Deck being used.


tick-16x16 Saves time on site.

No breaking out required as our products can be left in the slab after the concrete has set.


tick-16x16 Off-site manufacture.

All products are assembled by Deck Joint and delivered directly to site meaning your order is ready to install, straight from the pallet.


tick-16x16 Easy to fit.

The Rail and Trough Inserts are simply secured to the Deck using Tek Screws.




Deck Joint: 1.0mm perforated galvanised mild steel


The rail is tek screwed in place, then the profiled inserts are tek screwed to the rail and base of the trough.


Deck Joint: trough inserts


Deck Joint inserts are cut to the profile of the deck being used.




Trough inserts: 1.0mm perforated glavanised mild steel


They can be easily fixed in place with a tek screw.
The perforation allows the grout to penetrate and provide a
profile for the adjoining pour to bond to.


Technical information:


Deck Joint is manufactured from 1.0mm perforated galvanised mild steel of European Standard EN10142 : 2000

The lids are manufactured from 18mm SmartPly OSB3 of European Standard EN300

Deck Joint Ltd FSC Chain of Custody Certificate – NC-COC-005535 MZ

Fire tested to BS EN 1366-3:2009 ANNEX E2 – over 2 hours of insulation protection.


Deck Box


Deck Box is a leave-in-place solution for reinforced concrete frame buildings, to provide a penetrative opening in the concrete floors through which the pipes and services are installed.

Deck boxes are designed to stay in the slab so are made to your specified dimensions, be that squares, rectangles, trapezoidal, L-shapes or deep ones. The Deck Box is made to be the depth of the slab and the perforated design allows just enough grout through to provide a key for any infill once the pipe is located.

Deck Boxes are supplied assembled as standard, to save you time on site. There are no assembly set up costs, no breaking out, no skipping of waste, no need to store on site as we deliver when required. All you need to do is take it off the pallet, nail it to the soffit, pour the concrete and walk away.

Send us your schedules or drawings for a quote to see how our prices and innovative off-site services compare to traditional construction methods and costs.




Lid: 18mm structural plywood

Box on Deck