Deck Box

Deck Box is used in reinforced concrete frame construction floors. Mainly used to construct flats and housing accommodation where there is a need to provide a high level of sound insulation and fire protection from one floor to another. Deck Box is also used to provide a penetrative opening in the concrete floor through which the pipes and services are installed.

Any Width, Length, Depth and Shape

tick-16x16 Made to order.

Manufactured to the depth of slab and dimensions supplied by the client. Every box is labelled for easy site reference.

Saves admin and labour prep time.


 tick-16x16 Structural Ply Lid.

All box lids are made with 18mm ply and a 20mm rebate all round.

18mm x 20mm rebate FSC compliant lids.


 tick-16x16 Off-site manufacture.

All boxes are made and assembled in our factory then shipped to site ready to use straight from the pallet.

Delivered to site ready to use.


tick-16x16 Profiled surface.

Perforations in the steel allow grout to penetrate, forming a profile for infills to bond to. Plate can be used if preferred.

No scabbling required.


 tick-16x16 Easy to fit.

All products are fixed in place with 50mm nails. Just a hammer needed to fit.

Anyone with a hammer can fit them.


 tick-16x16 No Breaking Out.

Deck Boxes are sacrificial formwork which stays in the slab, saving clients time, labour and waste disposal costs from a site.

Saves waste disposal, admin and labour time.

Deck Boxes are made to create voids in RC Frames. They can range in size from as little as 75mm x 75mm. Made from 1mm perforated, galvanised mild steel. These can be supplied flat-packed or assembled depending on your requirements. They can also be fitted with single or double ply lids.


Below is the type of Deck Boxes we supply:

  • Deck Box Standard
  • Deck Box Deep
  • Deck Box L-Shape
  • Deck Box Lattice
  • Deck Box Bespoke
  • Horizontal Wall Boxes
  • Tapered Deck Boxes (Wider at the top and narrower at the bottom)
  • C-Bent
  • Gully (Perf Lid/Hole in the centre of the lid)

Technical information

Deck Boxes are manufactured from 1.0mm perforated galvanised mild steel of European Standard EN10142 : 2000.

Mild steel sheet coated with zinc by hot-dip processes (Galvatite Z), including iron-zinc alloy (Galvatite ZF).

The hot-dip coatings may contain up to 0.002% lead or up to 0.12% antimony.

Deck Joint Ltd FSC chain of custody certificate No NC-COC-005535 MZ


Personal Protection

Suitable protective clothing and equipment, such as safety spectacles and cut-resistant gloves, should be worn.

Skin and eye contact: Possible cuts from steel edges. Treat as other cuts; if required, seek medical attention.