Bespoke Solutions

For any bespoke, unusual or one-off requirements in the concrete floor or frame, call us to discuss how we can design and manufacture a timely and cost-effective solution.

Polygon Box used on concrete plank

Bespoke 1 Deckjoint

Open sided frame used to hold polystyrene block

Bespoke 2 Deckjoint

T section box used for floor plate with cable attached

Bespoke 3 Deckjoint

Pillar Box used in a ring beam

Bespoke 4 Deckjoint

Tapered box for easier infills

Bespoke 5 Deckjoint

Tipper box for Doka beam support

Bespoke 6 Deckjoint

Manifold FR Deck Box

Bespoke 7 Deckjoint

Column hopper

Bespoke 8 Deckjoint