Deck Joint has now completed the move into its custom built new premises. As well as allowing greater space for expansion, the new unit creates a far more practical and cleaner working environment.

Metal cutting capacity has increased by 66% with the addition of new Swift Cut Pro plasma cutting machines with accompanying state of the art Sideros Ecoline dust extractors.  Along with allowing increased production volumes, these create a far healthier working environment for production operatives.  In order to match the increased cutting capacity, Deck Joint anticipates the acquisition of a state of the art Press Brake.

Empahasis is now on refining production flow and practises, in tandem with a drive to promote the Deck Joint profile within the construction sector, thereby increasing sales.

As part of its continued expansion, Deck Joint has recently entered into a new partnership which will see it assembling a product which has the potential to simplify the cutting of wood and GRP on site. Details to follow.


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